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Assisting Treasure Beach Schools

In March 2005, Treasure Beach Foundation arranged for 14 enthusiastic students from the University of Virginia (U VA) to spend a week in Treasure Beach, working with students from Sandy Bank Primary School. In March 2006, the U VA student group grew to 24 wonderful students, again working at Sandy Bank.

Twenty-nine U VA students worked at Sandy Bank Primary in March 2007. And, in March 2008, 36 U VA students assisted at both Sandy Bank Primary and Sandy Bank Basic Schools. Twenty-one U VA students assisted in Treasure Beach schools in March 2009, and the same number assisted in the schools in March 2010. More are scheduled to return in 2011.

Funding for the U VA students is provided by the students themselves, meaning no Treasure Beach Foundation funds whatsoever are expended toward the U VA efforts. In fact, since 2008, the U VA students have contributed generously toward our scholarship fund.

We have also been chosen to administer the Judy Hall Neighbor Memorial Fund.  Judy was a friend of Treasure Beach, having vacationed there for a decade.  Her friends, relatives, and co-workers chose to honor her memory by providing funding for items that would enrich the lives of students and teachers at Sandy Bank Primary School.


To that end, we coordinated the construction of large bookcases for each classroom—plus one for the teachers, and we are working to fill these shelves with appropriate books and learning materials.  We also provided other necessary equipment for the school. 

Moreover, we provided the majority of the salary for an assistant teacher for the 2008/09 school year because this salary was not included in the budget provided by the Jamaican Ministry of Education.

We have also provided physical improvements for the Sandy Bank Basic School, including bookcases, cabinets, and desks and chairs.

Additionally, we have provided computer equipment and software to area schools, as well as for many of the scholarship recipients.

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UVA students assiting Treasure Beach Foundation

Enthusiastic students from the University of Virginia working with students from both Sandy Bank Primary and Basic Schools.

UVA students assiting Treasure Beach Foundation

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