how you can help

The most needed item, pure and simple, is money. We will be supporting more and more students as our scholarship program continues. 

how you can help

Each year, we plan to select more students to receive scholarships; plus, we have an obligation to continue to provide scholarships for past recipients, so long as they meet or exceed our qualifications for ongoing students.  This means our program is growing exponentially, and our financial requirements are also increasing each year.

Financial donations are most welcome at any time.  Donors may either send a check (US currency only) or may make a secure online contribution (in any currency). 

Your donation, in any amount, will help us achieve our goals—and allow us to do even more in the future.  You can make a very meaningful difference in the life of an exceedingly promising student.  And, your donation will benefit the entire Treasure Beach community.


In Treasure Beach, one year of public high school costs their families upwards of $2,000 a year—almost an impossibility.  Not attending school robs these bright and dedicated students of an opportunity for self-sufficiency.

To let you know how much your donation can do for the children, here are some examples of costs—and how we spend your contribution.  (Please understand the Jamaican high school year is 190 days, spread over 10 months.  Also, no two area high schools have the identical cost structure.  Moreover, Jamaican high schools offer seven years of instruction for especially promising students.)

  • Your gift of $25 buys one pair of school
    shoes. (Each student needs at least two
    pairs for the year.)
  • Your gift of $45 pays for school supplies
    for one student.
  • Your gift of $95 provides one month of transportation for a student.
  • Your gift of $100 covers a month of
    lunches and snacks.
  • Your gift of $175 will buy uniforms and
    shoes for a student for the school year.
  • Your gift of $215 buys books for a
    student for the school year.
  • Your gift in any amount will make a
    big difference.

Computer equipment (especially Windows-based laptops) is in constant demand. It can be used but must be in excellent condition. If you have any to donate, please contact us.


additional information

If you wish to contribute in memory of or in honor of another party, you are encouraged to do so. Should this be your intent, please specify the name of the person you are honoring as well as the name and address of the person we should notify about your gift.

Checks (U.S. only) should be made out to Treasure Beach Foundation and should be mailed to:

Treasure Beach Foundation
28 Garland Drive
Asheville, NC 28804

Make a secure online donation (in any currency) using the button below.


Should you wish to make a recurring donation on a monthly or quarterly basis, this can easily be accomplished online.

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